POLY5000 is a concept convenience store based in a dystopian and now defunct city formerly known as Tokyo. The exact year is unknown, however it is estimated to be in the 22-23rd century. Most all other shops are destroyed or no longer exist, making POLY5000 a primary provider for its citizens as one of the few left in the city.


Releases are dropped in 'PROGRAMS' (formerly known as UNITS pre-2020)

Programs are stocked and rationed within the store, making each release available for only a limited time. Restocks of programs are delivered from an unknown source, it is said that program items may contain hidden messages/components in the designs that attempt to spread the propaganda or try to communicate with the customers.


PORICHAN is the main mascot of POLY5000. He is always seen with a blue chefs hat, white shirt, and red apron. His goal is to promote upcoming programs being released by the store. He is the host of the POLY5000 Convenience Channel, and makes his appearances there from time to time.

The mascot is supposedly based on a real boy who existed pre-apocalypse. His age is unknown. He was an apprentice chef at the local bakery and touted his pastries on the streets alongside his dog, MING MING. After the nuclear incident, officials scoured the city with no one to be found except PORICHAN, who was hiding underneath his basket.

He was taken by the government as proof that the city was still safe despite the destruction, and began to use him as an image, plastering him on billboards and advertisements in attempts to promote continued business and tourism within the city. It is said that shortly after the boy was diagnosed with various illnesses that have never been seen before and was left in a quarantined room to die.

They extracted sequences of movements and replaced his speed with a vocaloid and continued to use him in advertisements. The citizens quickly realized this and began to protest. In response, the government quickly discontinued the character and quietly sold the rights to a small convenience store in town at the time, PORIMATO.